Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DragonDictate frees your hands to drive while you write

DragonDictate is my new best friend. All I do is talk, and it types for me. As a blogger, I'm always looking for new ways to blog effectively. I'm using this application in hands free mode, and making a post as I drive.

I'm not sure how we ever blogged without it. What could be easier? Sure I may sound like an idiot talking stilted to my iPhone. But I'm alone, and it gets the point across, and you get to read the post.

DragonDictate is a free application available from Apple's app store. You can download it and be up and running in a few seconds.

I'm using my Apple earbuds. That seems to give me the best quality, easily eliminating the background noise of driving, and effectively identifying my words.

With only a few small edits this entire post was constructed in DragonDictate.

You'll need a network connection while using DragonDictate. It sends the recorded file out for analysis, freeing up your phone's processor for other tasks. It has the result back typically in a few seconds. I found it occasionally timed out in weak network areas, unfortunately losing whatever I'd just spoken. I'm otherwise astounded by how accurate it is (most of the time).

When you try it out, keep in mind that you can say things like:

  • comma

  • period

  • new paragraph

  • exclamation point

  • question mark

Questions: Are you already using Dragon Dictate on your mobile device? What do you think of it? How can Dragon Dictate help you?