Monday, May 03, 2010

5 great YouTube distractions

© Maurice Pullin.
Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons License

I love watching stuff on YouTube. You probably do, too. If you do,
you've noticed that there's a lot of stuff. You can waste years of
your life wandering there.

Let me make your life easy. Here are my five favorite things I've ever
seen on YouTube.

  1. 40 inspirational speeches in 2 minutes

    Great films about great leaders feature great speeches, powerful and
    inspiring words, words that arouse in the main characters and the
    viewers alike a primal urge to triumph over our adversaries and all
    the evils they represent.

    Patton. William Wallace. Mr. Smith (in Washington, not in the Matrix).
    And Fozzie Bear. They're all in here, along with a bunch of others.

    And in only two minutes, which makes this the only Cliffs Notes you'll
    ever need when you're looking for some positive reinforcement.

  2. G4TV's flagship Star Trek commercial

    Trust me. Anything with Eddie Murphy's brother as Spock is worth
    watching. Also features some Daddy Yankee prior to his endorsement of John McCain.

  3. Steam Trek

    Sometimes, a filmmaker's genius makes me very sad that the US
    Constitution forbids titles of nobility. This person derserves
    American knighthood. In an awkward case of Harold Lloyd meets Gene
    Roddenberry, Sisterson and Levy prove that you can be an unknown in a red shirt
    even in black and white.

    [Ed.: After writing this, I find to my mild amusement that the two writer/directors ARE British. Forget what I said about knighthood. "We recouped the production costs (about £100) by selling VHS copies of the film."]

  4. Carl Sagan, "A Glorious Dawn," ft. Stephen Hawking

    Sagan's curiously hybridized sort of "agnostic pseudo-spirituality"
    has enthralled "billions and billions" of adherents. Ok, perhaps I
    exaggerate. But the use of footage from "Cosmos" in this talented piece
    of electronica is brilliant. Features a cameo by Stephen Hawking.
    Really. Honest.

  5. LOST, seasons 1-5 in ~8:15

    I love the TV show LOST. And I very rarely say that I *love* a TV
    show. (It hasn't happened since "Northern Exposure.")

    When I encourage a non-enthusiast to give the show a try, they often
    justifiably counter with "It's too complicated. I'd need to go back
    and watch it from the beginning."

    Well, no. Not really. Here's the whole first five seasons in just over
    8 minutes.

    Incidentally, the "Reduced Shakespeare Company" tried to do this too,
    live in London. It was quite good, really, especially for the opening commentary with Lindelof and Cuse. Find that here.

Question: What are your favorite YouTube distractions?