Thursday, February 25, 2010

A metaphor for Another Allegory

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A very old short story of mine was prominently displayed on a friend's blog yesterday. I'm grateful for the unsolicited shout-out.

It's a humbling experience to be a guest-blogger on the site of someone for whom you have a lot of respect. But that's a bit of the point of the social media community. We're not barnacles on the side of a ship, every mollusk for itself. We're redwoods, roots intertwined, sharing resources with each other and growing tall and strong as a group.

Gracious sharing is a big deal in the kindness I was talking about in my last post. And Kathy is a great example to follow for gracious sharing. Now the ball's in my court to figure out the reciprocation part.

As far as the content she posted itself, I haven't really attempted fiction since the mid-90s. I still can't decide if this is prime for the pump and I need to do more, or that was my peak and I should break the mold and stick to technical manuals.

Your input is, as always, welcome.

Read Another Allegory
on Kathy Richards' blog