Saturday, May 21, 2011

Three surprises on Rapture Saturday?

Used with permission (CC: midiman)

So, today's the Rapture. Theoretically.

I'm not entirely sure it's gonna happen, but if it does, I'm wondering if we won't discover a few surprises.


  • Resounding trumpets?

    I have this theory that the Second Coming of Christ will be announced by vuvuzela. Be listening for them, just in case.

  • More bars, more places

    AT&T reception kinda sucks down here on Earth. I'm expecting to have seven bars in the New Jerusalem. Or maybe twelve.

    In any case, you should still be able to read my blogposts, Tweets, and Facebook status updates. No worries.

  • Fun, fun, fun, fun

    I know it's Saturday, but I have a hunch we're going to find out that Jesus really loves Rebecca Black. Don't be surprised if everybody's favorite song is on repeat play.

    For eternity.

Question: What are your unusual Rapture Saturday expectations?