Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A moratorium on moratoria: Share the story!

Image used with permission (CreativeCommons)

I'm a bit perplexed by the number of Christians (a group which includes me) who choose this Holy Week each year to unplug from their online connections so they can "focus on what really matters."

Is this our message? I'm pretty sure this might be received by others as a subtle "you don't matter." Doesn't this contradict our mission? I thought we were supposed to be at constant readiness to present the story.

Here we have a perfect opportunity, at this most important time of the year, to demonstrate the power of the Incarnation in our own tangibility, to connect with others in an intentional participation in humanity, and we consciously reject the chance. Given the choice, maybe we should only come online during Holy Week, to "focus on what really matters."

Social media has been dropped in our laps as one of the great revolutions in communication. Just as the printing press brought the vernacular scriptures to the people for their understanding and the deepening of their faith, and just as an Empire-wide use of Greek facilitated the easy propagation of the truths of the message that has so profoundly called us to action, perhaps we should get on board with this new revolution and take this opportunity God gives us to communicate once more with a world hungry to hear that there are things stronger than death and destruction.

Our hesitancy might marginalize us and make it appear that we are more interested in anti-social media. Let's not do that.

Oakland Cathedral attack officially ruled hate crime
with special attention to the analysis near the end of how the community can respond.