Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Connelly calls for Pay It Forward Power Wave

I just got this message from Sue Connelly.

Hello Everyone,

For five days, starting this Monday, January 11, I need your help to do something important.

Now is the time to harness the power of the incredible people of our KIT List community to make a radical difference in the job market.

After hearing reports of 12.5% unemployment in California, and not much better for the rest of the country, I had an idea…let’s use the power of friends helping friends to create a tremendous wave of focused effort to get people back to work!

The Idea:

For five days, every person on the KIT List does just ONE thing each day for a friend to help with his or her job search. The first day will be Monday, 1/11/10.

You can help a different friend, family member or colleague each day or help the same person for multiple days.

With over 64,000 people on the KIT List, doing one thing for each of the five days, we’ll generate over 320,000 actions that will create an incredible wave of results!

Pass The Word:

This is not limited to the KIT List, please email this idea to other friends, share it on blogs, Twitter and Facebook so we can multiply this effort and get more people back to work quickly.

I’ll also launch this on our blog at and through KIT List emails, giving ideas each day for what you can do to help a friend find a job. People can share their ideas and results via the comments section, too.

Let’s make a huge difference together with this Pay It Forward Power Wave!


Sue Connelly

Three-hundred and twenty THOUSAND positive actions should help.

I'm in. You in?


I have just discovered the @JobAngels account on Twitter. Seems fitting with the theme. (Thanks to Mashable for the reference.)